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  1. Paula Presley

    Dear Dr. Garner,

    I found your website as I was writing some family history for my children. I was born in 1938. In 1941, my mother was baptized and joined the old Grace Missionary Baptist Church in your building. My sister and I were also baptized there. As children and young women, we attended Sunday School, VBS, “BYPU” (Baptist Young People’s Union), Ladies’ Bible Study, and other events of the church. We taught Sunday School. We were active in planning the annual Thanksgiving Missionary Conference held there.

    I am so happy you still have the painted scene in the baptistry. I can tell a funny story here. Around 1960 or so, some of the little kids had pea shooters and, after church services, were standing on either side of the baptistry shooting peas at each other. Of course their parents didn’t know about it — until one of the deacons went to fill the baptistery on a Saturday evening and found pea plants growing in the corners of the baptistry.

    Another time, the baptistry was being filled during the morning service for a baptism service to be held that evening. At about the time the pastor was making an emphatic point about hell, a strong burst of steam spouted up from the baptistry, right behind the pastor. Most of us didn’t know whether to ignore it or to smile. I think it frightened some of the little kids!

    Among my “stuff,” I have a newsletter that the first pastor of Grace Baptist Church sent to everybody when the church was about 9 or 10 years old. I do remember meeting in the basement (with that baptistery scene there) until the upstairs was built.

    I had heard a couple of years ago that Grace church planned to move to (I seem to recall) Sterling Heights. I wondered what would become of that lovely old building. I am so happy to see it is still being used for the Lord’s work.

    Paula Presley, MA, MLIS
    Kirksville, MO

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