About Pastor Garner


Pastor Robert E. Garner is a pastor, teacher and gifted anointed man of God, who loves to share God’s word to the Body of Christ. He is Pastor and Founder of The Word Of Truth Church Of God In Christ, a growing community in Detroit and Warren, Michigan (a Detroit suburb).

Pastor Garner is committed to the spiritual enrichment of God’s people and individuals who are interested in transforming and equipping their lives for natural and spiritual growth. He has a unique, practical way of demonstrating, teaching and preaching, and his gift for communicating the Word of God makes it easy for anyone to comprehend the message of Christ. He is a “people” person.

Pastor Garner has expanded the church ministry to include a weekly radio and television program and a community center designed to meet the needs of the Total Man: Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Social and Spiritual, with special and specific interest upon those who have special needs, and families who are in need.

In addition to Pastor Garner’s work in the ministry, he is a family man. He is married to Missionary Melestine Garner, the seventh of eight children born to Mr. and Mrs. Godfrey Garner. He served 28 years as supervisor in the Marketing Division of Northwest Airlines before retiring in 2003. Consecrated Bishop in the Church of God in Christ, November 12, 2022.

Dr. Garner’s academic accomplishments include:

  • An undergraduate degree in Sociology and Psychology
  • A Masters Degree in Urban Politics and International Organization from the University of Detroit
  • A Doctor of Philosophy Degree; Ph.D. in Pulpit Communication and Expository Preaching from Trinity Theological Seminary
  • Dissertation: African American Pastors’ Views Toward 21st Century Social Activism, December 2005

Dr. Garner is truly a man of Faith and Power and we are convinced that once you have had a chance to hear him, you will not only enjoy him, but will be eternally blessed by him.  His motto is:  “THERE IS A POWER THAT’S NOT INTIMIDATED BY YOUR (MY) CIRCUMSTANCES.”

For Additional Information And Engagements Contact:
The Word Of Truth Church Of God In Christ, 7107 Rivard Avenue, Warren, Michigan 48091, 586-754-9673 or email: twotruth@att.net, Minister Mandell Pressley, Executive Assistant.